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 Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 7:25 am

Here are some rules for this forum:

Please keep things clean. A dirty joke or two aren't bad but please don't get too perverted or I'll have to ban you (I can't ban you Aaron but if you start ERP you are dead)
Also we have a word censoring added in our forum so curse words will get changed into diffrent words.
Please make sure to introduce yourself in the proper area --> Introductions. If you don't even have the time to do this much we will ban you after a waiting period of 2 weeks. After This please make sure to stay as active as possible. We understand if you are busy with school, work or whatever but you can always tell us that you will be away (leave me or ~Cuppy cake~ a quick pm if you won't have time to get on here and save your account from getting deleted). To let us know that you read these rules please pm me and tell me if you approve these rules.
I hope we will get along and thanks a lot for reading this mmhmmm nom nom
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Rules and Guidelines
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