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 Anime/manga recomendations

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Anime/manga recomendations Empty
PostSubject: Anime/manga recomendations   Anime/manga recomendations I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 6:59 am

Thread for asking and recomending anime/manga.
Looking for an manga with a specific genre? Can't remember the name of that anime you have a picture of?
Just watched a new anime so great everyone has to watch it? Want to warn everyone away from the newest flop?
This is the place for you!
Ask for whatever anime/manga you want to see, and if we know of any then we'll help out; or even if you're just out of anime to watch and you want to try something new.
Okay then I'll start by asking, does anyone know of an anime, set in a historicaly accurate time? I'd like one that involves huge battles (I mean like wars sort of thing), that you get to see the two sides fighting the big battes, no magic or sci-fi or anything please, I want as close to historically accurate as possible.
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Anime/manga recomendations
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